Operational Planning & Performance Specialist

Biffa Plc are on the hunt for an Operational Planning & Performance Specialist. This role will ensure that Biffa correctly forecasts and plans customer facing resource to meet the needs of the customers as well as the business. This role will be responsible for the identification and tracking of operational performance against target SLAs and customer expectations.


• Develop the analysis and planning processes (including data frameworks) in conjunction with the central MI team to ensure resource allocations are delivered and Biffa meets required service standards.
• Deliver schedules to the Contact Centres. Matching these against customer demand and expectations in regard to opening hours
• Support the provision of commercial business performance, by implementing, controlling and maintaining customer contact volume forecasts. Working with all stakeholders across the business to understand potential impacts of contact affecting volumes (forward looking and where required retrospectively)
• Oversight of call traffic and utilisation of intraday/ ACD reporting and usage, recording productivity levels and liaising with operational Managers where required
• Manage SLA logs and requirements for change to SLAs and call media/ telephony; forecasting impacts and inputting approved changes to resource requirements
• Supporting analysis of the resource impacts of proposed changes to policies, process and the ways of working.
• Provide a central point for new reporting requests from colleagues in Customer Operations : performance or VOC : ensuring that requests are deduplicated, clearly articulated, relevant, prioritised : before they are forwarded to the relevant BI producing function
• Work within Customer Operations to promote and support the effective use of reporting data by colleagues in the front line
• Put in place routines around review of Planning & Performance reporting; working to support decision making, diagnostic work and to track customer impacts when change is implemented that affects the customer


This role will conduct analysis of historical and current trend data and will gather impact data from across the business to predict and report on customer contact volume. Translating forecasts to optimum staffing requirements and reporting/ tracking variances and continually seeking efficiencies in matching staff to customer demand.

This role will deliver schedules at Advisor level: providing accurate schedules to deliver target SLAs to meet the needs of customer demand. This role will work closely with Contact Centre Leadership to drive improvements in scheduling and adherence.

Working closely with BI and reporting specialists within IT and Finance and colleagues within customer facing operations; this role will be responsible for ensure that requirements for workforce management tools and operational performance reporting are clearly prioritized and approved.


• Key sales and service customer facing operations : contact centres, finance, field and depots
• Initially I&C with potential to expand to other business divisions
• All policies and processes with accountability for making recommendations for improvements/ changes to decision making bodies within BIFFA
• Work closely with Corporate programme, project and process governance roles
• Work very closely with the BIFFA teams that have overall accountability for data and reporting
• Knowledge management articles and related operational briefing collateral


• Able to gather historical and future trend data to derive customer contact estimates : intraday to annual. Able to manipulate data to create workforce and resource plans to match resource allocation to forecast volumes and to deliver schedules that meet the needs of the customer and workforce. Ensuring that a strategic view is taken to drive transformation in the customer experience.
• Ability to review SLA and performance data in order to provide feedback to Operational Management as well as to continuously modify and improve resource allocation
• Partnering between the Operations and the data delivery and reporting teams to build planning and performance reporting that represents the customer view and meets the needs of the business.
• Able to oversee and drive through the pipeline of requests for new reporting. Working as a Partner between the business and data providing/ insight functions within the business to ensure that requirements are complete, prioritised and delivered to the required standards and frequency.


• Extensive resource modelling experience to ensure accurate resourcing and forecasting for max efficiency
• Substantial knowledge of data, data sources, interrogation of data and statistical analysis
• Development of resource strategies to drive change
• Set up of the required metrics and modelling to support resource allocation
• Requirements building for operational reporting
• Experience in one or more of the following:
• Sales
• Customer Services
• Credit Control
• Waste Management Operations, e.g. Logistics or supply chain management
• Strong analytical ability : establishing critical factors from diverse data.
• Workforce and resource planning
• SLA management and SLA performance of a contact centre
• Scheduling and resource planning
• Telephony and IVRs


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  • Workforce Planning, scheduling, analytics